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My Buffy comics arrived!!!!!!!!!!!

look at the shiny!!! )
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It occured to me today that this journal, somehow, became my primary space where I actually get involved in any sort of online conversation. I use tumblr, yes, but we all know Tumblr is for squee not for actually interracting with each other. I technically have what others would call a "fannish" journal, but I haven't updated it in a year or so. I'm not big on forums or mailing lists, and while I keep in touch with people I befriended online (and meeting them in real life), agnieszkas is now my official hangout.

Hell, the lines between my fannish identity and my real name have been blurred for a while now and I recently realized I don't mind connecting the two. It's a new idea and I'm not sure how I'm going to proceed on that front, but be warned. This post will not be discussing OTW-related topics.

This post is more personal, if somewhat random and all over the place.

This post is all about Things That Make Me Happy (list edition)

In no particular order:

- Watching my OTPs on screen together (preferably when they are being nice to each other)
- Nail polish (of which I have 43 different shades and colors)
- Funding weekend trips so my mom can visit her friend in a different city
- Seeing people add to Fanlore pages I started
- The Lizzie Bennet Diaries
- Skittles
- Color-coded Excel spreadsheets
- Comments on my fanfics
- Hugs
- Dancing alone in my house
- Being told I do good work
- Pizza
- making lists
- Writing
- werewolves
- non-conventional relationships
- Kenzi
- sarcasm
- my friend's successes
- skull designs
- tattoos
- watching other people be excited
- sleeping in
- New books from my favorite authors
- my cat
- crepes
- meta

So there you go. Things that make me happy. Looking at it, it's a mixed bag and I really feel like I should add some sparkles around the Skittles.

ANYway. I went out on a limb and shared something personal. Please don't make me feel awkward and let me know what makes you happy in the comments, so I don't feel like an idiot.
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Okay, I have to explain myself. My enthusiastic reaction to Monday is caused by the fact that in 7 hours I will have another episode of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. And since it reached THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THE STORYLINE, me and my friends usually start refreshing the YouTube page two hours before. Just in case today's the day when they post the episode earlier.

I don't know where all the feels and squee come from, it's not like I don't know how this ends! And yet... Can they release the DVDs so I can give them ALL OF MY MONEY? Pretty please?

I assure you, my money's good. I could feed a small country for what I spend on books, DVDs and nail polish. Please let me give it to you instead.


So that's my love-love relationship with LBD, but I actually had an incredibly busy an productive weekend. I attended 4 scheduled meetings and 3 spontaneous ones for the OTW and got a lot of shit done and moving, which (I have to say) felt amazing. It's definitely a good start for the year.

I started running fanlore_news twitter account, so if you want to see me work my magic, feel free to follow. The account is getting active, it'll be fun to see hwere it can go and how it can help with Fanlore's exposure.

Being on Comms is generally a really good experience, I love doing what I do professionally, and applying that to my work with the OTW. I am very excited about this committee.

That said, not as excited as I am about Translation. Because my excitement about Translation could possibly rival my excitement about the Lizzie Bennet Diaries. I know it might come off as silly and I know that as a chair I'm probably biased, but OMG I love my committee. We only had one meeting and still we managed to get so much done. We're reviewing the current Translation Process, following up with volunteers to make sure we know where we actually are on their activity for when recruitment opens, we have awesome, exciting projects going on with other committees and our internal wiki is getting revamped.

I'm getting dizzy just thinking about everything. Sure, there's still a lot to be done (there's ALWAYS a lot to be done), but seeing things take shape and going forward, watching people take initiative and ask questions and make suggestions, it feels great.

So I spent my weekend working on a split screen, having 2007 Jane Austen's adaptations on one side (and let's all concentrate on the fact that Joseph Morgan played William Price in Mansfield park and was absolutely adorable. I will not be able to see Klaus in the same psychopatic murderer light), chatting, writing emails and translating stuff on the other.

I have positive feels all around.

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You're welcome

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There is a possibility that I ordered the entire season 8 of Buffy comics. And the first book of Angel&Faith line. All the Fanlore editing of the Buffy content reminded me how much I miss that fandom. So comics went on the list of things I can't live without. They will quickly be joined by DVDs (which, surprisingly, I don't own yet). But you know how it is. New content is more attractive than the episodes I can quote in my sleep. But since the entire series is only L49, I might end up ordering it for the first holiday that comes up.

Side note: How is it that 5 seasons of Angels are more expensive than 7 seasons of Buffy?

In other news: Thanks to the wonder that is Wayback I managed to get access to Morbid-Much? the vid site I mentioned in my previous post. Which means I might end up adding a lot of Fanvid content to Fanlore, even though it was not (by any means) my primary hangout during the fandom's golden age (I was always more of a written word girl. And all the fics I want to add there.... So many things, so little time). I just can't get over all the vids that are no longer available for viewing or download.

It makes me yearn for The Dark Archive and Torrent of Our Own (when is those going to happen anyway? I need them like yesterday!). So I could access all the wondeful vids I no longer have on my HDD...
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January has been incredibly busy for me. Most of my team at work, by the sheer fact of being placed in the US, got to go to a conference for a week, while I stayed and worked :/ Being the sole person at work was a challenge. Plus it meant I couldn't do what's really important - my fannish thing.

Aaand because I don't want to talk about my OTW staff duties just yet, here's a news:

I have made my 100th edit on Fanlore today.

It seemed fitting that it was a Teen Wolf related edit, because it's one of the fandoms I'm most passionate about right now.

Obviously, it won't be my last edit. It could've been (I like round numbers), but a Person Who Shall Not Be Named suggested somebody should really take care of the Buffyverse part of Fanlore. Buffy has been baby's first online fandom (baby's first Fandom, period, was Stargate SG1. I shall love you forever and ever.) and Spike/Xander was baby's first slash.

I did some digging. And OMG, let me tell you, I never realized how much Buffy Fandom depended on Geocities. A lot of websites are down and I don't know how to access what might be left of those. Buffy fandom was at its most active when fanworks were still questionable and nobody really wanted their legal name connected to their fan name. To realize that there's no trace of Morbid Much? and the only mementos of Ryan's awesome fanvids that I have are the vids I burned on a CD once... No art, no screencaps...

I'm pouting as I think about it. All that history and art and fan interactions - it's lost. *clings to Buffyverse desperately*

And the worst thing is that I have no idea how to approach salvaging all the stuff that might've get lost online, but probably lives on people's HDDs and CDs...
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After taking almost an entire month off a the end of previous term, it's time to get back on the OTW horse. I'm staying on as a Translation chair (I think this counts as my second term in charge, though it will be a first one that I'll be a sole chair through the entire thing) and a Tag Wrangler (Teen Wolf tags haven't broken me yet, though my sanity can be questioned), but I'll be joining Communications as a staffer this year (so that's new and exciting).

I also haven't divorced Fanlore yet and I keep editing it. My eclectic taste in fandom is evident in my contributions history and it's a bit scary. It's as if I'm in a long term relationship with several, but having flings right and left. I am such a fandom slut (and proud of it!).

Fandom wise, I only have one major thing planned for 2013 which is a Teen Wolf/Inception fic I'm working on where Arthur and Stiles are brothers. I am writing it, but it's a slow process.

For the first time in 4 years, it looks as if I won't be taking part in the spn-j2-bigbang on LJ, unless I can come up with a plot for a fic before January ends. I'm so sentimental about that bigbang, though. It was a first one I ever completed and it showed me I can write loooong complex fics.
I will miss it sooo...

The beginning of the term is always a tricky moment staffing wise, so I can't really say what's going on right now, but the work has officially started, yay! And the plans for the new term will get made and all... and I probably shouldn't be writing entries at 7am but I was just so excited about the new term.

Happy 2013!
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So I'm staying up all night to watch SourceFed's coverage of the American election. Me being Polish and living in Europe, I treat it less like "OMG my life is going to change forever if one of them wins" and more of "let's see how crazy can the Kardashians get". Yes. American politics is my reality TV. I apologize if my approach offends someone, but the way Americans do politics deeply fascinates me.

For starters, I can't get over the two party system. I mean, sure, in Poland anyone who gets enough signatures from the public can run for President and it usually means that I have to go vote twice - the first time to weed out the serious candidates and the second to vote between the two guys with the biggest support. It's tiresome, yes, but at least with more than two parties you get all the platforms and points of view represented.

The thing I've been fascinated the most lately is the fact that a third party presidential candidate has to *sue* for the right to participate in a presidential debate. It's like watching America's Next Top Model where Tyra picks two favourites early on and the rest of the girls are forced to do outrageous things just to get an edit in the final episode that airs.

Which is why I'm up at 2am with coffee in my hand and Skittles in front of me waiting to see who wins.

And I have surprisingly good grasp on English at 2am... o.O

To pass the time, I've been editing Fanlore today. I started a page for WaTchers the Virtual Series, which was a fan-made Buffy spin-off. It ran for 5 years and people involved in it put enormous amount of time and talent into it.

It's also really important to me, because a) I did translations for them in early season 1 and b) I met my best friend, briefly my girlfriend there. She was also doing translations for them and we got talking and it turned out that she was going to the same high school as me. 9 years later we're still close friends and I met the majority of the Polish fandom through her. So to say WaTchers has a special place in my heart would be an understatement. I love them with all my heart, even though I never finished reading the show... <3

I might edit something else in between the coverage, we'll see. I don't trust my English this late at night.

I hope your candidate wins, flist. *crosses fingers*
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Did you miss me? I knew you missed me!
Look at this! This is an update of all things ME! (I might be tired and I still have a lot of writing to do)

ANYway. Heres what happened lately.

Work continues. There are some developments which I don't want to talk about yet, but I'm very excited.
I managed to lure in two new staffers into our fold, which leaves me pretty excited. I hope we'll be able to go into 2013 with a lot of active and enthusiastic people, so that my world domination plan moves forward. There is a lot to do and I clearly need minions :)
We also (finally) managed to send out the newsletters for translators. It was a long and painful process. If we're lucky we'll be able to send out another one before the year's end.
The newsletter is important because among other things, it asks the translator about their preferred communication platform. Once we get enough voices on this we'll be able to concentrate on community building. Are you excited? because I am.

After taking a month-long break from it, I went back and started on Fanlore today. My biggest problem is getting over my mental block. Sometimes I just want to add one sentence or two, or point out something I find interesting. But more often than not, the page I would add that sentence to doesn't exist and I don't want to create a whole new page just to add that one insight.

I know that fanlore people will tell me it's okay and I can do that (or, at least, I assume they'd say that), but creating a brand new page for Chibs (Sons of Anarchy) just to say there's an ongoing argument among fanfic writers where one faction writes his accent in dialogues and the other argues it's stupid and makes it more difficult to read fic doesn't seem very professional.

As a result I don't make as many additions as I'd like to and it sucks. I know, I know. Woe is me.

I'm doing NaNo this year with two of my friends. It's already insane, but I got a desktop version of Write or Die and that combined with my Scrivener really gets me writing. Sure I';m a little behind on the wordcount, but I'm still getting a lot words down. So, you know, keep your fingers crossed for me.

So I watched the first episode of Primeval:New World, which of course made me rewatch all five seasons of the original Primeval I have on DVD. I miss Becker. I miss Connor. I miss long, good fics. I finished season 2 today (in between OTW work, writing and procrastinating)

2 hours later
I went on Tumlr to give you some primeval gifs. But I got distracted.

so you don't feel cheated as I spent hours staring at pretties and you got this post instead.
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Every time I sat down to write this post I stopped in the middle and deleted everything. It's kind of difficult to write a follow-up to my previous post. To say I didn't expect a response like this would be an understatement.

I'm not sure what I was expecting, I was afraid of some sort of negative backlash or simple indifference (because let's face it, if something isn't a front-end issue, nobody really cares). Actual conversation about the issues and ideas of how to make things better... That I didn't hope for, and I'm eternally grateful to everybody who participated. It gave me ideas and helped me put things in perspective. Plus those people who emailed us with praise for the translators - I love you guise. It meant a lot.

Unsurprisingly, as I (and everybody) got excited about solutions for Translation problems work got heated and I was buried under a ton of tasks and projects that couldn't wait.
I'm slowly catching up with OTW, but I'm still behind on a lot of things.

In other news: VolCom opened internal recuitment and I managed to snag a new translator and a new staffer. I'm mentally preparing for the SWTS thing that's coming up. There's a lot of work on the horizon, as the internal wiki for our committee reall really needs work.


I wanted to flail about the last episode of the Lizzie Bennet Diaries and Damon/Alaric (after I finally watched Memorial today), but work is calling. I love you all, but I have to pay my Internet somehow.
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You would not believe how many hours it took me to draft this post. Mostly it's due to the fact that I have major FEELINGS about Translation and the translation process.

Let me give you some introduction:

You see, the problem with translation is that it doesn't have shiny ticky boxes, it doesn't have simple solutions and it can't, for the most part, be automated. Anyone who tried to translate bigger texts in Google Translator knows how bad of an idea that is.

That means that we have to relay on the volunteers to translate any content. Unfortunately translating is not a very glamorous process and most of the time it's a solitary task.

Because we have a very strict beta rule (no text goes live without a second pair of eyes checking it over, meaning every translation needs to be betad) and very small number of volunteers per language, it can take weeks if not months in some cases to see the finished translation going online.

If you look at the main website you can see how much material there is to translate. We can pretty much keep our translators busy all year long and still have stuff that needs translating, translations that need to be updated because the English version changed etc.

On to the problem:

Translating website content (or content of any kind) is very much like writing a fic, translating a fic or recording a podfic. The process itself is slow and unglamorous and something you need to do youself if you want to see results. So translators, as they translate or beta content, are very much on their own. Often their only point of contact is a liaison with the committee.

The workload and the lack of community means that our translators are either not as active as we'd like or they burn out quickly and we lose them forever. Or they just lose the interest.

As a committee, we try to keep the volunteers engaged as liaisons, using the tools we are given like the mailing list and office hours in campfire (although, I do have to admit that 2012 was a very bad year with a lot of staff changes and we are only now getting back into the swing) but those just don't seem to be working. The internal forum didn't really catch on with the translators and for a while we were also using Basecamp, but that didn't work out either.

So building a community that would help make translators feel like a part of a bigger group and help engage them and support them is one of the problems right now.

Another problem is a simple numbers game.

We simply don't have enough people in enough language teams to provide timely translations and support ad hoc translations for other committees. And to be perfectly honest if VolCom opened recruitment tomorrow and we got a huge influx on new people, we probably (as a committee) wouldn't be able to support them.

OTW grew a lot these past years and the needs for translations/translators are different (and there are much more of them) than they were when our processes were being set up. So before we can advertise and ask people to come translate stuff, we need to modify the processes.

Which means we arrive to the next problem.

For most part, translators aren't very tech savvy, at least that's been my experience so far. There is a lot of resistance from our translators when it comes to using the tools that we use (the translation priority chart and translation tools on the website, GQueues to keep track of what is being translated and what stage it's at and even GDocs) so maybe we need to find an easier, more straightforward solutions that our volunteers would be more comfortable with.

All the problems that I listed have solutions of course, but it will take time and effort to find the best ones and implement them. It's a slow process. And as a committee we are heading in the diretion of getting things done.

So, why am I writing about all this?

Ever since I joined the org as a member and a staffer, there has been a lot of conversation about how internationalization and outreach is important. And the policies and changes in the way the decisions are made is a huge and important part of making the org more inclusive and welcoming to non-English fans. I&O committee is doing great and amazing things and I feel like the org is going in the right direction.

But I have to wornder, how many people actually realize that policies and decision making and inclusive thinking can only take us so far. At some point we will have to start doing the nitty gritty work of actually translating the content and trying to reach out in native languages to fans who don't feel comfortable using English as lingua franca.

Right now we have 35 translator volunteers. Some of them inactive, some of them on hiatus and some of them unable to get their language version going because they don't have a beta.

So the processes are flawed. Translating itself isn't glamorous and in some language cases it's not even easy. Translators dont' get much feedback on their work and they don't get kudos. There is too much to do and not enough people willing to do it.

I'm not saying volunteer as a translator. I realize it's not for everybody and many fans just like working on the shiny things. But if you speak a language other than English and it so happens that language is live on the main OTW website, go check out the translations and maybe send our translators a note saying they are doing a good job. They need all the love.

I will go now. I feel strangely exposed and vulnerable and protective of my committee and my volunteers after writing all this.
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It's like I can't stay away. I wish I could, but apparently I make at least one tiny change every day. Made a list of all stub articles I know something about and want to add to, there's also a to-do list on my user page.

I also acted on my threats and spread the Fanlore love onto Tumblr, hoping that now that WE WON THE AFTERELTON TOURNEY the Teen Wolf fandom will want to fix the fact that there are only three pages in the Teen Wolf category. I wish I could see the page views stats to see if the post worked...

So I ordered "Getting Things Done" from BookDepository and it arrived this morning. And OMG I am so excited. Will all the stuff on my mind and on my to-do lists I've been painfully aware that I need to do some major reorganization in my task lists, folders and paperwork. It's been a while since I was excited about a non-fiction book :)
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I blame [personal profile] tiyire for this. I'm writing this right here at the top so everyone knows.

I had a very difficult week. One client was starting up a new campaign and they needed copy, so they sent it to me to write. They were also preparing another campaign and they heard I know photoshop, so they asked me to format graphic materials as well. On top of that another client had me doing pre-meeting preparations with lots of briefing materials somebody (me) had to write. Plus OTW stuff had me up and learning about things I needed to know to revamp our Wiki pages.

As a result, by Wednesday I was a walking zombie with little to none creative juices.

So of course [personal profile] tiyire had to comment on my entry about org wiki and casually mention Fanlore.

And because I have zero impulse control (you should see me buy nailpolish), I went to check it out. I vaguely remembered creating an account last year when I wanted to be a part of EVERY OTW PROJECT EVER BECAUSE OMG SO AWESOME AND SHINY!!!!!1!!!! and it turned out I even remembered my password...

Big mistake.

I asked myself what fandom phenomenon I wanted to read about on Fanlore and decided to search for Vhelton. If you dont know what Vhelton is, consider yourself both lucky and fannishly poorer (lol, is that even a word). I was surprised to learn there was no page about Vhelton. Well, now there is.

There was also no page for Stiles Stilinski. Well, now there is.

I am contemplating posting about those entries on Tumblr, but Fanlore might not be ready for THAT. Last time I promoted something on Tumblr was to get more Nagron fics on AO3 (there were three at the time). BOOM.

But that kind of exposure would surely bring attention to Fanlore and more people editing and adding content to it.

It's either that or writing to Wiki about different language versions of Fanlore to include fandoms that have no English speaking or international reach (like language specific communities of fandoms that only happen in specific countries). Maybe I should do both, as revenge on [personal profile] tiyire for those three hours of my day stolen by Fanlore on Wednesday alone...
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I keep repeating to myself that picking up a co-wrangler for the Teen Wolf fandom was the best thing I could've ever done. Not only we had a 3 hour-long wrangling party trying to put some order in the chaos that are additional tags (also known as freeforms), but my co-wrangler turns up on every committee I need to work with in my capacity os Translation chair.

It's incredibly awesome because it makes me feel more at ease when I reach out to those committees. It's like when you hate bothering strangers with things you think you should know, but it's perfectly okay to bother somebody you know with them. That's how I feel.
Did that explanation even made sense to people who didn't spend the past 13 hours in front of a computer?)

Weekly Recap

- some of my TV shows are returning but I'm already terribly behind. I managed to stay on top of Switched at Birth (I remeber the time when my fic was the only SaB fic on AO3... As opposed to now, when there are two fics) because that show is adorable. I'm a masochist who loves music, so I'm still watching Glee. There's also Doctor Who and Leverage. I have to be really excited about a show to watch it now that I have little free time available (or you have to be Glee which I can't seem to STOP watching...). We'll see how that goes when all my previous shows premire... I will give up sleep probably.

- On Tranlastion front I'm very excited about getting a new staffer. God, do we need manpower.

- I'm learning about editing wiki, because I want to revamp Translation pages. I learned basic HTML, I can learn this. Though I suspect I will stumble here and there. I'm excited because once I get all the codes down I will be able not only edit the org wiki but I will be able to add stuff to Fanlore. My contributions so far have been brief and uninspiring.

- I think I need to teach myself PHP and Drupal too, or at least research it enough to know what I'm talking about when I go bother Webmasters about shiny things translators could use on our interface.

- I tried learning RubyonRails, because there's a very fun tutorial online, but it's something I had to push on my "Later if I have a lot of time" list.

I have so many plans and things I want to do and things I want to try. I think I need a good 5-year Plan. Possibly in Excel. I really REALLY love Excel.
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Here's a fun fact bout me: I'm a freelance writer and I work from home. I get paid based on an hourly rate which means I try to track my activities every moment of every day. It doesn't always happen and the time report I check doesn't account for everything (like watching TV shows and Tumblr) but nonetheless Toggl is my friend.

Why am I mentioning this? Other than to share something with the Internetz, every Sunday I check my time report on Toggl to see how the week went and how much time I spent on various tasks/activities and to see what could be improved as far as my productivity goes.

I could spend less time on Tumblr, for starters.
Funny how it's so much easier to watch less shows than to give up Tumblr.
Hell, I managed to give up LJ completely and switch to DW where I know way less people.
But Tumblr doesn't want to let go. help?

And today I checked my time report as usual and it hit me.

Catching up with my OTW duties and taking over as chair of Translation took a lot of time. Since Sept 1 I spent 18 hours doing OTW work (14 this week only).

And that doesn't account for those 5 hours I spent at the end of August cleaning up Teen Wolf tags

Cut for Tag Wrangling side note )

I'm sure you're suspecting that I will follow this report with a lot of complaining and stuff. After all, it's 18 hours I could've spent reading fic or watching those TV shows I'm so far behind.

But the thing is: my job didn't suffer because of this additional work load.
Neither did my enthusiasm.

I spent 18 hours wrangling tags, sending emails, catching up on work done during my hiatus, crafting to-do lists and plans and outlines for docs I want to prepare.

And it was awesome.

It will probably sound weird to you, but I honestly enjoy administrative tasks. I love coordinating shit and coordinating people. I love making spreadsheets in Excel and outlining activities. More importantly, I think I'm good at it. (Feel free to disabuse me of this notion if you disagree)

The only reason why I had to go on hiatus is that I had to prioritize my RL because of big changes that were happening that I had to stay on top of. Now that everything's fixed I can go back to the stuff I love.

Here's a semi-complete list of stuff I'm excited about:

  • Taking on Freeforms in Teen Wolf fandom (I won't be able to reign them in? I won't be able? Challenge accepted, Teen Wolf fandom!)

  • Continue taking over stuff as chair of Translation - there's still a lot that happened and a lot that I have questions about. But that's a matter of few emails and maybe a GTalk chat

  • Elections! - our language teams will be attempting to translate some stuff for the upcoming Elections so many fans/members who don't speak English or don't feel comfortable using English will be able to participate and stay informed.

The big problem here is the fact that most of our language teams are small and can't handle translating a lot of material that has a very tight schedule. It's something Translation committee needs to work on and we need to figure out how to encourage people to help out with translating OTW content. (Planning - another thing I'm excited about!)

And with that, I shall go and reward myself with an episode of Criminal Minds (I've been very productive this week). I keep rewatching older episodes and squeeing at Morgan/Garcia goodness.
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My name is Agnieszka and after almost a year since I created this journal, I'm finally posting in it.

Personal Disclaimer
I created this journal in 2011 (a month or so after joining OTW), because I knew that at some point I will want to have a place to vent, talk about my work and plans I have regarding my more official fan identity.

Official Disclaimer
All content posted in this journal is my personal opinion and is in no way an official statement from the OTW or any/all committees I am involved with.

History! For those who want to know how it all started )

Why this journal
I started this journal because I wanted a separate place to talk about the OTW, without alianating my flist who, in most part, isn't very interested in the nitty gritty process behind the organization that created AO3.

During last year's election process I saw how important a journal like that is and while at the time I was too thinly spread to sustain it, now that I'm working from home, I believe it will be very benefitial to me (and hopefully to other people) way to express my opinions, comments and thoughts; as well as keeping track of my goals.

Plus, well, Translation is such a behind-the-scenes committee that I'm not sure people are even aware of what's going on, what are we doing and how they can help.

So, what IS Translation?

A short answer is: Translation is awesome (trufax).

Slightly longer answer: We coordinate the efforts of translator volunteers to translate website adn other OTW content to make OTW (and ultimately its projects) more friendly for non-English speakers. We are slowly working on creating a multilingual archive interface (reeeally slowly due to language difficulties in translating certain phrases and differences in grammatic structure). We keep promising each other that it's going to happen any moment now and from there the road to world domination will be wide open.

Last year there have been two spotligts on the committee: Spotlight on Translation in April 2011 and Spotlight on Translation Volunteers in November 2011.




I started writing this on Sept 1 and it's now after midnight, ah a new day... Since I still want to go and take care of some wrangling business (more on this later) I have to cut this short. I'm here to answer any questions and comment (HAI!), my other contact info can be accessed here (for OTW staffers and volunteers, I believe)

OMG, this first post is DONE! Here's to more where this one came from :)
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